Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. Seuss and Thing 1

Here are the two pictures I did for a lady at work (her daughter's baby shower).
Dr. Seuss was done on a 8x24 canvas with Acrylics
 Thing 1 was done on a 14x14 canvas with acrylics. The curtains are in the background to match the baby room's curtains.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Price Guide

As by request....and actual time to post price guide is listed below.

****Pictures do NOT need to be paid for UNTIL they are finished. NO money is needed upfront****

Cost for Canvas:                      See Chart
Cost per simple design:          $20.00
Cost per medium design:        $35.00
Cost per difficult design:         $50.00+
Picture #1:       Full Price
Picture #2-6:   10% Off
Every 6 Pictures Purchased:   $20 Coupon
Referral Discount:       10% Off Final Price

 Price for 3/4 inch Canvas Board   Price for Flat Canvas Panels 
Size Price Size Price  Size Price Size Price 
4x4 $   2.00 12x12 $   9.00  4x4 NA 12x12 NA 
4x5 $   3.00 12x16 $   9.00  4x5 $   0.50 12x16 $   4.00
4x6 $   4.00 12x24 $ 10.00  4x6 NA 12x24 NA 
4x12 $   5.00 12x36 $ 14.00  4x12 NA 12x36 NA 
5x5 $   5.00 14x14 $ 12.00  5x5 NA 14x14 NA 
5x6 $   5.00 14x18 $ 13.00  5x6 NA 14x18 NA 
5x7 $   5.00 15x30 $ 15.00  5x7 $   1.00 15x30 NA 
6x6 $   5.00 16x16 $ 10.00  6x6 NA 16x16 NA 
6x8 $   5.00 16x20 $ 14.00  6x8 $   1.00 16x20 NA 
6x9 $   5.00 18x18 $ 11.00  6x9 NA 18x18 NA 
6x12 $   6.00 18x24 $ 13.00  6x12 NA 18x24 $   6.00
8x8 $   7.00 18x36 $ 16.00  8x8 NA 18x36 NA 
8x10 $   7.00 20x20 $ 13.00  8x10 $   2.00 20x20 NA 
8x16 $   7.00 20x24 $ 15.00  8x16 NA 20x24 NA 
8x24 $   8.00 20x30 $ 17.00  8x24 NA 20x30 NA 
9x12 $   8.00 22x28 $ 18.00  9x12 $   2.00 22x28 NA 
10x10 $   7.00 22x30 $ 20.00  10x10 $   2.00 22x30 NA 
10x20 $   8.00 24x24 $ 18.00  10x20 NA 24x24 NA 
10x30 $   9.00 24x30 $ 21.00  10x30 NA 24x30 NA 
11x14 $   8.00    11x14 $   3.00   

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jason and Kari's Wedding guitar

My husbands cousin Kari married her long time boyfriend, and allowed both my huband and I to stand up. I painted her this guitar to show how their lifes merged together. 
Jason loved guitars, Kari loves cats and fairies. Their wedding colors were black, red, and white.
This was so far the LARGEST picture I did.

This was done on a 48x16" masonite panel with acrylics.

Val's Sandhill Cranes

My stepmom loves the sandhill cranes that show up in her back yard. I made her a quick picture for her birthday to always remember them by.

This was a 12x12" on a 1/4" canvas board in acrylics.

Christmas snowmen 2010

This was the first picture I ever painted off the top of my head.  I had no other pictures to guide me...and for me that is very difficult. I am NOT an abstract painter. I can not just paint whatever comes into my head.  I NEED something to look at to make sure I am doing it right. So this was very hard for me. It took me about 2 1/2 hours, but I was stressing the entire time.  We wanted something to put over the fireplace with our snowman, so this is what I came up with.

It is done on a 12x12" older picture that I found at goodwill. I hated the picture but loved the frame. It was done with acrylics and a heat gun to speed up the drying time.

Reilly's stuffed animals

Reilly has 2 stuffed animals that are his favorite. For his christmas present 2009, he wanted a picture of his stuffed animals.  This is what turned out.

This was done on a  12x12" on a 1/4" canvas board with acrylics.

Randy's Scorpion

This was Randy's 32nd birthday gift (2010). Remember he likes black and yellow, and scorpions.  He LOVED this!

This was done on a 18x20" on a 1" canvas board with acrylics.